Creating Unique Gear That celebrates Our Automotive Loves*

We’re here for passionate gear-heads, outlaws, rebels, freethinkers, for the builders, makers & drivers, we believe as long you go your own way, do your own thing, there is no wrong way, this is our way...

* We’ve a particular love of all things Porsche, especially air-cooled 911’s they’re our sweet-spot, when we’re not creating gear for you, you’ll find us tinkering with or driving our own 79 91SC.


The Og Way

What Inspires Us

Our passion for ‘outlaw’ builds inspires us to create our very own outlaw provisions for the road, to build a brand that is an expression of our passions, that's inclusive and celebrates freedom & individuality within car culture and beyond.

We love nothing more than the smell of gasoline from a vintage racer, the unique roar of an air-cooled engine, that's why we strive to bring the same feel to the experience of wearing our products.

Our Philosophy

Fast Cars, Not Fast Fashion

We believe things should be well made and made to last… although we love fast cars, we’re not into fast fashion.  From garment sourcing, product design & development and bracelet manufacturing, the pursuit of quality is at the core of what we offer.

Our carefully selected printing partners ensure that our garments are printed on demand in the country nearest to you, making sure your order is more eco-friendly by reducing air miles & waste associated with over production. Because of this our apparel takes a little bit longer to be delivered.

Patina & Gasoline

Details Are Not Details

Details are not details, details are the design that's why we like our cars manual, our designs hand-drawn and our t-shirts made of 100% organic cotton. We hand craft our rope-bracelets right here in our Lincolnshire atelier with German engineered premium ropes & stainless steel shackles.

Hard wearing and made to last, they will simply age like a patinaed classic telling the stories of your driving adventures.

When we’re not creating badass automotive tees & goods, we are driving, or obsessing over our rides… our current daily is a blacked out 2017 MINI JCW which totally does what we need it to do and makes us smile on a day to day, but our pride and joy, our obsession is our own 1979 911SC, this feeds our soul…

We’re living our passion doing our own thing true to our love and we wanna create awesome stuff for like minded passionate gear heads & rebels, whatever you age, gender, or particular automotive persuasion, if you like it a certain way then you should damn well have it a certain way, don’t let anyone else tell you different… were creating stuff and flying the flag our way and if you like it, then you should wear it loud and proud and be part of our crew…

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to all those who helped us on this journey so far… 

Gear Made For Drivers