25TH SEPT 2023

Tanner Seymour's Safari Party

3 Porsche Safari 911's get lost in the desert for risk, thrills and art!

Tanner Seymour and his band of outlaw bothers ( drivers & creatives ) hit the unforgiving terrain of Utah desert hard with their camera gear, Outlaw Gear and Porsche Safari builds... full of grit & determination to bring to the world the ultimate 'Safari Party' - they all absolutely nailed it.



Ever since Tanner started creating large scale passion projects he's always wanted to shoot a classic car rally... after reaching out and getting no response from the companies who put these kind of races on he decided to make his very own passion rally, named “Safari Party”.

Tanners is friend & supporter of OG, and we're big fans of his work, so we were thrilled when he reached out to us to be a small part of his creative vision in the Utah desert.

Tanner's and his collaborative crew's work is simply outstanding, they are killing it, the shooting the editing, just WOW., the results speak for themselves, they totally rock!


Follow On Instagram: @tannerbseymour

the making of 'safari party'

3 Porsche Safari 911's get lost in the desert for risk, thrills and art!

Tanners own passion comes through loud & clear on everything he creates, hey may be pretty new to the Porsche scene but he’s hitting it hard and making a big impact. He's working on his very own wide-body Safari Outlaw build too, which he has very exciting plans for.

With a passion thats second to none, the projects he's creating and the stories he’s telling are honest, thrilling, emotional and inspiring...

Follow Tanners journey on his Youtube channel, we're on the thrilling ride with him, come and join us... a must for all gear heads, especially Porsche lovers. He's building a channel that tells automotive stories that deserve to be shared to inspire the next generation of drivers…

tanners youtube channel
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